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Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Power Units
We have about 250 highly skilled workers now, including 60 senior engineers and technicians, mass production by 170 sets latest machinery and equipment, capable of manufacturing custom made oversized cylinders.
The excavating engine oil cylinder has a large impact load, complex and changeable control, poor working environment, and high requirements for oil cylinder structure, buffer, coating and sealing.Nanxi is aimed at the special working condition of the oil cylinder of the excavating engine, the sealing structure, the cushion structure, the mechanical structure of a lot of research work, the south xi can provide the optimal excavating oil cylinder.
The vehicle crane has a high performance requirement for controlling precision and safety.Nacre?can provide lift cylinder, telescopic cylinder, leg cylinder, leg expansion cylinder and other hydraulic cylinder for truck crane.The seal design of the leg cylinder must first ensure zero leakage under high pressure. Meanwhile, nacre has the experience of all kinds of assembly and oil cylinder integration design.
Overhead working truck is a homework personnel, tools, materials, etc. Through the work platform lift into the air aloft working machinery installation, maintenance and other operations, including the leg mechanism, lifting mechanism, telescopic mechanism, slewing mechanism and the leveling mechanism, etc.The reliability of the high-altitude operation vehicle involves personal safety, and the safety reliability of nacre is considered as the first factor of the product, ensuring that the hydraulic cylinder has sufficient safety factor.
The telescopic arm forklift needs a reliable hydraulic cylinder to ensure the reliability of the work.South the sunrise oil cylinder in the design process of security priority, at the same time, considering the cost optimization, fatigue strength, etc., in the full understanding of the extreme conditions of telescopic boom forklift work and bad environment, on the basis of nacre design of telescopic boom forklift cylinder can be used fully meet customer requirements.
Heavy forklifts are used in ports, workshops, warehouses and circulation centers, and are essential equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation.Both seal and structural design of the nacre oil cylinder fully consider the impact resistance of cylinder and ensure the service life of oil cylinder, thus protecting the best interests of customers.
Rotating drill is mainly suitable for sandy soil and cohesive soil, powder soil, soil layer construction, such as in piles, continuous wall, and so on the many kinds of foundation construction of foundation reinforcement is widely used in rotary digging drill oil cylinder vibration in the working process of the big, nacre use of special support and sealing technology, can guarantee under the condition of oil cylinder has good sealing performance.
Wheel loader is mainly used to shovel, sandstone, lime soil, coal and other material, can also be used for ore, hard soil, such as mild digging operation, so the piston rod fatigue strength, coating glue, become the key to the hydraulic cylinder design, Nacre integral forging piston rod can greatly improve the fatigue strength of the piston rod, hard chromium plating nickel chrome plating has a better performance and corrosion resistance, impact resistance and can withstand shock and vibration of the bad work environment.
Mining truck bearing heavy, its working characteristics is rather short, which requires oil cylinder are often in high voltage, overload, high frequency environment, nacre from the customer and understand the working characteristics of the mining truck, combined with nacre in the field of mining equipment mechanical design experience for many years, so as to develop the high performance of mining truck suspension cylinder.
The cement grinding cylinder developed by nanxi has outstanding performance advantages.By coating the inner wall of the cylinder and improving the wear resistance of the cylinder, the service life of the cylinder is greatly improved.In order to increase the fatigue life of the oil cylinder, nacre adopts high strength forging materials, high frequency surface quenching and finite element technology optimization structure to reduce stress concentration.
Nacre with special guide support design, can guarantee the oil cylinder can carry large lateral load, reasonable structure design, ensure the security of the oil cylinder is durable, nacre to make the biggest plate pressure oil cylinder diameter is 1800 mm, production assembly ability can ensure that the cylinder has enough precision processing quality, thus ensuring oil cylinder is able to run smoothly.
Injection molding machine must be under a certain temperature to liquid, the hydraulic cylinder once failure will cause nozzle blockage, will seriously affect the normal work, so the quality is reliable injection oil cylinder of a very key factor, the speed of injection molding machine oil cylinder is as high as 1000 mm/s.Nacre?USES low friction, high wear resistant seal and support ring can ensure oil cylinder can run normally for a long time.
Tunnel boring machine in the event of failure, it will bring great loss to the construction unit, so the structure of the oil cylinder fatigue resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating, anti pollution for conditions of the sealing structure is very high.Nacre?on a lot of design and development work on the above requirements,nacre with nickel chromium coating has a strong impact resistance and corrosion resistance of copper alloy surfacing and guide sleeve can bear high lateral force.
The drilling platform is the necessary equipment for offshore oil exploration, and the platform's lifting, slip and wave compensation need various hydraulic cylinders.Nacre?has lift cylinder, slide cylinder, the wave compensation cylinder and piston accumulator design and manufacturing capabilities, today's south the sunrise technology can make our oil cylinder to withstand the harsh Marine environment.
The doors, springboards and sliding doors of bulk carriers and rollers are required to be controlled by hydraulic cylinders of various sizes and itineraries.Nacre?has provided many clients in different function of the hydraulic oil cylinder, the piston rod of the rust, can pass nickel and chromium coating, stainless steel casing, or as a whole stainless steel piston rod, seal design can effectively prevent water and other dirt corrosion piston rod seals.
In addition to high reliability and stability, Marine cranes have high requirements for corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance.Nacre provides the standard nickel chromium coating, integral stainless steel piston rod and other corrosion resistant technologies.For equipment with low temperature requirements, nacre USES low-temperature impact materials to ensure the safety of the equipment.The dual piston type accumulator is a new product developed by nacre, which can improve the efficiency of hydraulic system.
Wind power installation is a necessary equipment for installation of offshore wind power equipment.Wind power installation on board platform need several large platform support hydraulic cylinder to move up and down nacre design hydraulic cylinder with super corrosion resistance properties of NSS salt spray test can reach more than 1000 h, to ensure that even in the harsh Marine environment, the hydraulic cylinder can also be long-term reliable operation.
Dredging is probably the hydraulic oil cylinder is one of the most severe working environment, soak for a long time in the underwater environment, such as silt sediment erosion, have very strict requirements are put forward for the hydraulic cylinder, south the sunrise oil cylinder according to the characteristics of the environment by adopting the technology of ceramic piston rod, with super corrosion resistant properties and surface hardness, to ensure long-term stability of hydraulic cylinder to work, to ensure the efficiency of dredging operations.
The great impact of the oil cylinder of piling oil tank has a great test to the service life of the cylinder.Nacre?powerful manufacturing equipment of the sunrise, let us can be done within the company of each cylinder parts machining, heat treatment, painting, assembly, testing, each production process, such as oil cylinder can strong corrosion resistance to sea water, optimize the structure of the design can ensure the fatigue life of cylinder.
Material piling and taking machine is a modern industrial continuous bulk material handling efficient equipment, has been widely used in port, mining, metallurgical and other industries, dust environment, the port environment for corrosion and wear on the hydraulic cylinder has a larger role.The ni-cr coating has sufficient corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and the tough quality can be applied to the harsh environment.
Solar power generation equipment is generally in the harsh outdoor environment, posture adjusting hydraulic cylinder according to the variation of the sun illumination Angle need to continue to adjust the Angle of equipment, a cylinder failure will bring huge maintenance costs, so for the reliability of the oil cylinder has a high requirement.According to the environmental characteristics of the equipment, nacre adopts the sealing parts tested by various harsh environments, so the constant oil cylinder can provide reliable driving power for solar power equipment.
We have about 250 highly skilled workers now, including 60 senior engineers and technicians, mass production by 170 sets latest machinery and equipment, capable of manufacturing custom made oversized cylinders.
The failure of any oil cylinder of wind power equipment will bring great maintenance cost, so the service life of oil cylinder is very high.Nacre?can provide the load data provided by the customer to ensure that the cylinder has sufficient fatigue life.High quality material strength, low temperature impact performance, can ensure that in extreme low temperature, hydraulic cylinder will not fail.
We have about 250 highly skilled workers now, including 60 senior engineers and technicians, mass production by 170 sets latest machinery and equipment, capable of manufacturing custom made oversized cylinders.
Metallurgy is the process and process of making metal materials with certain properties through various processing methods.The quality of a hydraulic system depends on the design of the system, and the system's pollution treatment and protection, which can not be replaced by other equipment in the metallurgical industry.The high quality hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic auxiliary parts of the nacre high quality provide guarantee for the stability, safety and long-term operation of the hydraulic system.
With the development of cement equipment large-scale, intelligent, hydraulic technology has been widely applied in cement industry, such as raw material valve under vertical mill, lock the wind, cooling machine transmission, kiln body gear wheel and some supporting high and low pressure lubricating oil station, and so on.Nacre?hydraulic system has rich experience in the design of the hydraulic power pump station, the hydraulic station of the roller and the pump station of the precombustion furnace.
Hydraulic technology with its output power, high control precision, takes up less space and other advantages, widely used in electric power system, including the steam turbine unit oil lubrication system and digital electro hydraulic control system, large power transformer oil discharge nitrogen injection fire fighting system, etc.Nacre?hydraulic system adopts the advanced hydraulic system design standard and concept of the industry to bring stable, reliable and ultra high cost performance to customers.
Nacre is in the ship, the Marine industry and the design institute and the shipyard close cooperation, relying on the high quality hydraulic components and the leading mature technology to provide the customers with a comprehensive system solution.We will work with your designer to make all parts meet your ship's design requirements.At the same time, our engineers will also work with you to optimize your application requirements and reduce the footprint.
Hydraulic system in engineering machinery is an integral part, which is often used in the operation and control of engineering machinery.Mainly consists of oil pump, valve body, tubing, oil cylinder etc.Nacre?hydraulic system relies on the professional team of the hydraulic system in various industries to provide the comprehensive solution of the hydraulic system.
Nacre rivet technology is widely used in aviation aircraft, building components, railway vehicles, railway vehicles, mining machinery, new energy vehicles, ship architecture and other industries.Nacre?draw lessons from the successful experience of international riveting equipment, independently study rivet use place and application space, has the structure of riveting machine, sealing, life-cycle optimization design, is successfully developed using a portable, intelligent control, safe and reliable, long life of the hydraulic riveting equipment.
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